Starting with Algorithm Concepts

Hi everyone :wave:
My name is Lina, I’m from Colombia and I’m a software developer :woman_technologist: (I don’t want to describe too much myself, because you can find my work on communities or whatever Google going to show you on the Internet about myself).

So, today I’m going to talk about ¡Algorithms! Yes I know, that’s how everything started in my life but before to explaining you the most important thing about an Algorithm first, we would study the main concept of what is an Algorithm.

An Algorithm is not more than a sequence of steps
logically organized for doing a concrete process.

Therefore, the importance of an Algorithm in the Computing, is basically saying it to the computer a set of specific steps organized logically, that’s allow doing everything, like running a calculator or a video game.
The applications of a computer are in essence, algorithms written in different programming languages that the computer can interpret.

Now, we going to talking about Logic reasoning…

The Logic reasoning is a skill and capacity related with the abstract way of see numbers or quantities and being able to perform operations with them.

the most important abilities from Logic Reasoning:

  • Recognize: Skill to allows recognize a problem.
  • Relate: Skill to allows relate waiting solutions according to the problem.
  • Operate: Skill to running relate solutions with the identification and relation of a common problem.

In Computing, Logic Reasoning is something we can acquire to the measure and we go practitioner algorithms that we can do daily.

An example of this could be: ¿trying to sum two numbers?

And well to the beginning I will ask myself: ¿but sum two number is not very easy? and of course, summing two numbers is easy, but trying to organize the process in a sequence way that allow sum two numbers is nope.

so, for summing two numbers we could need?

and well for summing two numbers we’ll need…

- One sheet of paper
- One pencil
- We'll taking sheet of paper and the pencil and we pass to do the operation.
- Number one: 2,  Operation sign: +,  Number two: 3.
- The result is: 5
- We end up the operation

And now we have been understanding what Logic Reasoning it is and why is important.